Top 5 Best Selling Clothing Brands in India

Most Popular Clothing Brands in India


Best Selling Clothing Brands in India

Best Selling Clothing Brands in India list is here. In ancient times clothing was a mode of protecting our body from external environmental changes and threats. But now a day’s use of clothing and accessories became a part of our life style and status. Every one looking for branded products because they assure quality in use. of course the branded products are little costly but these brands are offering  you world class quality clothes and accessories .a huge variety of products are introducing from different companies daily. Before going to the shop to purchase you should have an idea of top selling quality brands and their products .These are the top five selling clothing brands in India.

  1. Puma

  2. Nike

  3. Wildcraft

  4. Adidas

  5. Timberland

1. Puma



PUMA is a German multy national company produces foot wear, sport wear, sports goods and fashion accessories. This company founded in 1924 by Mr. Rudolf dassler. Actually the company started by Mr. Rudolf dassler and his brother Adolf. Because of certain the relationship deteriorated and they agreed to split in 1924. After the split Adolf started adidas company. Puma sponsoring lots of international clubs and athletes in foot ball, cricket, rugby, golf etc. Products from are selling worldwide and they are highly quality assured.

Would you should order a puma product online?

You can order a sport shoe or t shirt via online with trust. They are offering cash on delivery services. 30 day return service provided in case of any manufacturing defects. Another offer is free shipping in which once you ordered the product on line the product will normally shipped within 3 working days from the date of order. Delivery of the product will be made within 7 working days from the date of order. In non serviceable locations a third party courier service will be used.

Categories of Products from puma

Products from puma are mainly categorized in 5 groups.

  • Men- shoes, apparels and accessories
  • Women- shoes, apparels and accessories
  • Collections- 20-20 cricket, swim wear, wildness, golf, Ferrari etc.
  • Cricket- protective equipments, shoes, bats, balls, bags, junior kits etc.
  • Kids- shoes, apparels and accessories for girls and boys.

2. Adidas



Adidas is a German multy national company founded by Mr. Adolf dassler in 1924. Adidas Company consists of Reebok, tailor-made – adidas androck point companies. Their main products are foot wear, sportswear, sports equipments and toiletries.  This is one of the Best Selling Clothing Brands in India. 

Categories of Products from adidas

  • Football- shoes, foot balls, clothing and accessories.
  • Running-  shoes, clothing for men and women and  accessories
  • Basket ball – shoes, jersey, basket ball and basket ball products.
  • Originals- leather sandals, shoes, clothing for men and women and accessories.
  • Micaoch- jacket, shorts, shoes, knit pants, seamless bra, tee, tights, skirt, bag, glove etc.

3. Wildcraft



Wildcraft Company is India’s largest adventure and outdoor gear company founded in 1992 by Mr. Dineesh ks in bangalore. This is one of the Best Selling Clothing Brands in India. They supports and promotes athletes and activities like camping, mountain climbing, trekking and back packing. At present the company has more than 60 exclusive shops across India. Products and equipments from wild craft are useful for adventure activities, outdoor gear, campus gear, travel gear, and for other adventure games.

Categories of Products from wildcraft

  • Gear- rucksacks, backpacks, duffels, portfolios and slings, wallet and pouches, specialized gear
  • Equipments- tents, sleeping bags, for climbing, eye wear
  • Apparel- inner and teens, jackets, vests, pullovers, wind and rain cheaters, socks, caps, belts
  • Footwear- boots, shoes, sandals, slippers

4. Nike



Nike is an American multy national company founded in 1964 by Mr. Bill bower man and Phil knight. The company mainly producing athletic foot wear and apparel, sport equipments and other athletic and recreational products. This is one of the Best Selling Clothing Brands in India. Nike produces a wide range of sport products like shoes, jerseys, shorts, base layers etc. They are also worldwide sponsor’s of lots of clubs and teams in cricket, foot ball, basketball, golf, rugby and tennis.

Categories of Products from Nike

  • Products for men-shoes, clothing, gear and customized Nike products.
  • Products for women- shoes, clothing, gear and customized Nike products.
  • Products for kids- shoes, clothing, gear and customized Nike products.
  • Sports products- running, basket ball, foot ball, soccer, men’s and women training.

5. Timberland



Timber land is US based foot wear and apparel company founded in 1952 by Mr. Abington and Massachusetts. This is one of the Best Selling Clothing Brands in India. Timberland foot wears are world famous for hiking, mountaineering and casual wear. Timber land not also produces a huge variety of clothes, watches, glasses and leather goods and sells their products through stores worldwide.

Categories of Products from timber land

  • Men- hiking boots, shoes, sandals, shirts, tees, pants, shorts, hats, watches, belt, sun glass, scarves, and other accessories.
  • Women- foot wear, clothing, accessories like socks, hand bags, watches, umbrellas etc.
  • Kids- foot wear and accessories for infants, toddler, youth, and junior.

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