Top 5 Best Solar Water Heater Models in India with Features and Price 2018

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Solar Water Heater Models in India. What is a solar water heater? The process of Solar water heating (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy.

This energy is used for water heating by a solar thermal collector. Different types of solar water heaters are available in India. Each one works well by, comprising various technologies that are used worldwide increasingly. The global solar thermal market is dominated by China, Europe, Japan and India.

The type, complexity, and size of a solar water heating system is mostly calculated by using Changes in ambient temperature of summer and winter, possibility of the potable water – collector fluid overheating and collector fluid freezing. different types are:- Direct or open loop systems, Indirect or closed loop, Passive and active systems, Passive direct systems, Active indirect systems.

Using solar water heater is a best idea for energy conservation. Water heater is an essential equipment at every home to obtain ready hot water. In some cold areas, during winter there sometimes may not be sufficient solar heat gain to deliver sufficient hot water. Here you can read about Top 5 Best Solar Water Heater Models in India. 

Best Solar Water Heater Models in India


1. Tata Solar 200 LPD Zing Pressurized water Heater – Rs. 110,500

Tata Solar 200 LPD Zing Pressurized water Heater is a good option for water heating solution. It is available for Rs. 110,500 in India. Enjoy  all your home’s water heating needs at an outstanding value. You can use this for getting hot water for domestic use, swimming pools and more.

When the sun’s rays fall on a solar water heater collector, the apparatus works and offers hot water. The 5 bar pressure handling capacity offers good performance. It can Withstand hard water up to 600 PM, chlorides up to 300 PPM. It works without electricity and supplies hot water daily upto 80 degree Celsius.


2. Suntek SWH-150E Solar Water Heater – 25000

This is a highly suitable device for Domestic (Home) Applications. There is a large Stainless Steel Inner Tank with 304 Material. System Capacity of this solar hater is 150LPD. You have Temperature Output of 60-80 Degree Celsius in Suntek SWH-150E Solar Water Heaters.

Company offers 1 Year Warranty too for Suntek SWH-150E Solar Water Heater. Length of tube is 1500 mm with 47 mm dia, 1.6 mm Glass thickness and 20 no of tube. Use this Solar Water Heaters and save on electricity bills, energy and the environment too.


3. Haier Gv150rnf Solar Water Heater

Haier Gv150rnf Solar Water Heater packed with panels making More then 5 Watts for heating water. The Maximum Power Voltage is 240v and Maximum Power Current is 3 amp. This is a Double height solar water heater offers hot water all the time. 



4. Solax Solar Water Heater – Rs. 32000

Solax Solar Water Heater is a good option for obtaining hot water daily at home without worrying of electricity. It is packed with a 4- 5 Watts panels. Company used materials that confirms to international standards in quality and have a highest life and reliability. Module size of Solax Solar Water Heater is 2mtrs. 


5. Supreme Solar Water Heater – Rs. 14799

Supreme Solar Water Heater measures 100 Ltrs height. This can offer your hot water for various needs daily. Module of the Supreme Solar Water Heater measures 300 X 65 X 70 and packed with glass material. 100 Ltrs is the height. 

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