Top 5 Best Umbrella Brands in India – Leading umbrella models 2018

Top 5 Best Umbrella Brands in India

India has its own umbrella culture and this is very evident with the starting of monsoon. Popy, Sun, Johns etc are the most popular brands of Umbrella  in India. The perfect time to buy a new umbrella is Just before the beginning of the rainy season, and this is very useful when schools reopen on June 1. Kids keep this safe- like a treasure.

Earlier the  umbrella market has been dependent on the monsoon and now these products target skin care against sun. There are umbrella with features including torch, thermometer, compass and whistle. Seven to 10 million pieces of umbrellas are sold in Kerala every year and this is most for any Indian state. Read about 5 Best Umbrella Brands in India with list of perfect models.

List of Best Umbrella Brands / Models in India

  1. Poppy

  2. Sun

  3. John’s

  4. Elephant

  5. Citizen

1. Poppy

POPY Umbrella is the largest selling umbrella in India. This is one of the Best Umbrella Brands in India. They offer pagoda shape umbrellas with WPWR fabric. Auto opening type children’s umbrellas with WPWR fabric is another product. For kids, You can choose from toy umbrellas with whistle. This models are available in plain and print type design.

Manual opening type children’s umbrellas available with whistle and side frill. Auto opening type children’s umbrellas with fabric print is also available. For ladies and working women three folding hand bag umbrellas with manual opening is available. For gents, there is wooden handle equipped umbrellas with wooden tube and metal tips. Auto opening type also available in all categories. 

2. Sun

Sun umbrellas have been popping up cheerfully during the monsoon, for the last 125 years. They offer number of superior features like variety of waterproof fabrics. You can buy Sun umbrellas online at well affordable cost. For gents, they offer large umbrellas with print and plain fabric. Ladies Umbrellas available with Protective UV Coating.

Most of them looks appealing with Canopy finished in special piping border. Children Umbrellas available as Manual Open & Close with Safety runner to prevent injury while handling. Unisex Umbrellas are suitable for everyone with Manual Open & Close and features Protective UV Coating. Other collections includes Fashion & Exclusive Umbrellas, Fan Umbrella Umbrellas (with small inbuilt fan), Dazzler Umbrellas and Corporate & Promotional Umbrellas. 

3. John’s

This is one of the Best Umbrella Brands in India. Johns Umbrella is very popular with the umbrella making business for the past seventy years. This is a leading manufacturer of quality umbrellas in India. They offer womens umbrella, Kids umbrella and Mens umbrella. Famous umbrellas for women includes 2 fold accent, 2 fold flash, 3 fold graphics , 5 fold, copy of 5 fold, H2O 3 auto 3 Fold umbrella, kent umbrella, moon silver etc. 

Kids range of umbrellas includes batman umbrella, Frill auto umbrella, Looney umbrella, Superman umbrella, Tom and jerry umbrella etc. Men collection of umbrella consists of Golf FRP umbrella, Straight auto wooden umbrella, walk mate umbrella, Woodking antique map design umbrella etc. 

4. Elephant

Elephant Umbrellas are leading umbrella manufacturer in India with Superior quality of frame and ribs. You can choose from auto type or Manual open and close type. Small, medium and large sized  Umbrellas available with Matching handle and good grip.

When you buy online keep in mind that the Actual Color of umbrella May Vary due to Image/Monitor Settings. Large straight  Umbrellas are best for men and couple. 2 fold and 3 Fold type  Umbrellas can be selected based on usage preference and easiness to handle. Unisex Elephant Umbrellas can be used by anyone. 

5. Citizen

This is one of the Best Umbrella Brands in India. They offer finest and quality umbrellas for kids, Ladies and men. 2 fold, 3 fold and 5 fold type Umbrellas are available at well affordable price tag. The price starts as low as Rs 200. Low cost models use polyester material. Citizen Umbrellas comes in almost all attractive color options with various print and design.  Most of them are strong and durable and offer best protection from rain and sunlight. 

While trying to purchase the  umbrella for kids or their self, everyone will find the best one. We do hope you understand the best umbrella brand available in India for purchase. Kindly make your review here as comment after purchase.

List of best umbrella brands and models in India prepared based on market research at various locations in India.

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    • Good morning Mr Kartik Bapan gaaru I am man From India Visakhapatnam Andharapradesh now i want to get 2 nos of Umbrellas please inform me where they available how can i get them please inform me as early as possible.

      • Mr.Apparao, Just read your comment here and wanted to help you out. If you are looking for Sun umbrellas (since you are keen on buying them after reading Mr.Karthik Bapna’s message), you can buy them from their very own website or on online shopping sites like Amazon. If you are not comfortable buying them online, go to any genuine umbrella outlet and ask for the specific brand.
        My best picks have always been with Sun, Poppy and John’s umbrellas !


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