Top 5 Best UPS Manufacturers in India

Top 5 Best UPS Manufacturers in India


Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is an electronic equipment providing power when power fails. UPS is generally meant for protecting computers, data centers and telecommunication equipment’s or other certain electronic and electrical equipment’s. Unexpected power failure or voltage differences will  cause damage to electrical instruments and even data loss, business interruptions.

India has been gaining rich popularity in trading UPS as per major reports. Some of the important type of UPS systems are: Line interactive(meant fro small business, data centers, servers), Standby hybrid( specially meant for office systems), Standby Ferro, Double Conversion online, Delta conversions online. Before buying UPS you must contact a good dealer and other computer operators to gain knowledge about UPS. Here I have sorted out best five UPS brands in India:

Five Best UPS Manufacturers in India list follows

  1. APC UPS

  2. Intex UPS

  3. Microtek UPS

  4. Numeric UPS

  5. Videocon UPS




APC UPS from Scheneider Electric manufacturers  is voted as the best UPS brand meant for running multiple devices at a time. APC is the award winner for selling most popular UPS across the world. APC protects all the critical data from power failures with it’s supreme grade power. APC UPS is available in wide range of varieties (tower, rack mount, rack tower convertible). APC UPS models is available in India with a power range from (230V Output / 230V Input) APC Smart-UPS X 750VA Rack/Tower LCD 230V to APC Smart-UPS XL 5000VA 230V (No Battery) .

Features of APC UPS

  • Grants clean power
  • Designed for Indian power system
  • Runs multiple devices at a time with the use of 3 power outlets
  • 21 minutes back- up time
  • Protects motherboard, hard disc and monitor
  • Recharged with 7.5 mAh battery
  • Certified as the best UPS in multiple survey reports

2. Intex UPS



Intex almost deals with 6 manufacturing unit viz. computer peripherals, mobile phones, electronic equipment’s and other such related business deals.  Intex UPS is the most popular selling brand for UPS  in India. Intex UPS is available in wide range of models. Intex UPS is built for overload, overcharge, and most over battery management. 600 VA models include Intex  Armour 725, GREEN X 700 (600 VA) and PROTECTOR 725. 800 VA from Intex comes with  Protector 800 VA and 1000 VA model from Intex is GAMMA 1 KVA.

Features of Intex UPS

  • Popular selling brand across the country
  • Protects electronic equipment’s from harsh power
  • Available in wide range of models suited fro various powers
  • Intex products are branded among digital terminal magazine on may 2011
  • Largest selling brand in UPS as per IDC India Q 2, 2009 Tracker-Market Review
  • Built for overload, overcharge, battery management protection


3. Microtek UPS



Microtek has been a largest manufacturer for power back up systems.  Micreotek product ranges include digital Sinwave invertors, UPS systems with the use of world’s latest technologies such as Motorola and other such major manufacturers. Microtek has almost 45 service centers around India with over 20 office branches. Some of the Microtek models are UPS  E² Series, UPS EB series, UPS 24×7 series, line interactive UPS, online UPS, UPS 24×7-650VA to 1600VA, UPS Heritage Gold.

Features of Microtek UPS

  • Power efficient
  • Suitable for Indian power system
  • Battery management
  • Protects electronic equipment’s
  • Provides uninterrupted power service
  • Easily serviceable
  • Smart overloading and short circuit prevention

4. Numeric UPS



Numeric UPS is the most leading UPS manufacturers and has occupied  fourth status among Global UPS market. Numeric is considered as Number. 1 UPS manufacturer in India. Numeric provides basic protection against power with a maximum back up time. Numeric’s UPS systems provide convenient plug and play system combined with advanced communication. Numeric UPS models ranges are Digital 600 EX, Digital LI series, Digital LI SW series.

Features of Numeric UPS

  • Microprocessor controlled system
  • Built with automatic voltage characteristics
  • Power efficient
  • Battery management
  • Proved reliability across SOHO and SME segments
  • Convenient for plug and play functions


5. Videocon UPS



Videocon is the global manufacturer of electronics offering wide range of  UPS products which has been designed with utmost care for delivering longer service. Videocon products are affordable and reliable enhanced with best class technology. Apart from leading producer in entertainment world Videocon provides better time to spend with your family. Videocon UPS models are Tech 1450, Tech 850, Tech – 650, Dual Tech 1425, Dual Tech 825, Dual Tech 625, ECO Tech – 1450, ECO Tech – 900 Premium, Tech 2800, Tech 3500.

Features of Videocon UPS

  • Micro-controller based technology
  • Power efficient
  • Protection to electronic equipment’s
  • Battery management

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  1. Bought a microtek UPS. Initially had a defect located when booted for the first time. Showed trouble after a little more that one year. I used a local made UPS for 12 year. It did not gave me trouble ever except some battery change

  2. APC is perhaps the worst UPS in India. I am speaking from personal experience. Microtek has given me trouble free service for more than 6 years now.


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