Top 5 Famous Android mobile games

Android phones are being increasingly demanded these days. Android is packed with lots of apps which can be played by everyone no matter what the age is.  After a prolonged work everybody wants to have something entertaining, spend your time by playing with Android games. Atleast spend some time in playing these games from Android and cheer your mind. There are lots of games supported by Android like shooter games, sports games, action games, role-playing games, racing games, board games, simulation games, word games, and puzzle games. Below  I am enlisting best 5 Android games:

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds Poster

Famous Android mobile games is the most searching topic in web for downloading. Angry birds is a game in which the pigs destroys the eggs of Angry birds. Angry bird survival becomes almost extinct. They take a challenge to defeat the greedy pigs. This games needs lot of physique to be applied at each level and needs lot of skills and thinking to solve. Here we list Famous Android mobile games. 

If you are trapped in the game mighty eagle can be bought in the game,that is meant to be one time purchase which performs utmost service. Mighty eagle defeats the pigs by smashing every pigs. Mighty eagle consists new game play goals and achievements  Angry birds are boosted with  powers like Sling Scope for laser targeting, King Sling for maximum flinging power, Super Seeds expand birds, and Birdquake to shake pigs’ and to defeat them to ground.

2. Temple run 2


Temple run 2  is played in a jungle where you want to outrage giant ape ,climb over ropes,leap chasms to overcome certain obstacles while running.  One wrong path will lead you to throw out the game. It is thrilling game and requires more observation. Beautiful new graphics,  gorgeous new organic environments  ,new obstacles  ,more power ups,  more achievements,  special powers for each character bigger monkey are featured in this game.

3. Railway Game

Railway Game

Kids usually enjoy playing with trains . Android mobile games are now launching railway games in which the children can play as instructors /engineers and make use of friends to support as engineers in the game,send goods to various cities. Railway game connects to various cities and factories and manufacture products according to the demand of the factories.

You can customize the stations with decorations and expand the network of railways.The railway game is embossed with colorful highly qualified graphics enhanced with impressive sound effects. The game provides certain tips and instructions for playing the game.There are 10 various types of trains supported in the game and more than 20 different types of goods to transport, sell, or trade with friends. The game is free of cost.

4. Subway surfers

Subway surfers

Subway surfers is an ultimate game having  all the same features as Temple run. It is an endless game for mobile game lovers , stop-less game. The game requires to collect coins and you have to escape from police by collecting so many coins as you can. Subway surfers are demonstrated by Kiloo and Sybo gaming authorities. The game is featured with DASH as well as DODGE the trains. The game is exposed with colorful  HD graphics.

It is a simple game in which you have to escape from police and scary pit bull dog. The character includes Jake  a graffiti artist who was been caught by the police while he was working on a masterpiece nearby the subway. The police inspector starts chasing Jake. Under subway surfers the player can slide under the trains,glide with the help of skater boards,fly across the rail with the help of Jetpack and can run on the fast moving trains.

5. Speed Night 2

Speed Night 2

Speed Night 2 is a racing game from ICLOUDZONE INC. It is a midnight game and is played by selecting a favorite car by the player in terms of color ,not in model. After selecting a car the car will accelerate it’s speed itself. You need only to control it’s turnings. By swiping the right button it will move to right and by swiping to left the car will move to left and you have to put brake presented at bottom of the screen. The race is determined to the clock and is not challenged with other racers.

By touching the screen you will accelerate the speed of the car. After every few meters you are shown checkpoints at a particular time intervals given. While racing if you are collided with other vehicles or roads you will lose the speed. While racing you have to collect coins for purchasing magnets,acceleration,time and missile. Speed Night is enhanced with better quality of sound and graphics. Speed night is free and runs on Android 2.1 version.

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    5 Famous Android mobile games is good post…. Downloaded this games …..

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    Famous Android mobile games is good post

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    Yes these are the best android play store games i have played these all and all stages completed. great and super android games all.

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