Top 5 Glass Manufacturing Companies in India


Top 5 Glass Manufacturing Companies in India

Glass production is a complex process which involves two main methods. One is the float glass process which produces sheet glass, and glass blowing which produces bottles and other containers. Cullet or recovered glass, obtained from recycling centres and bottle banks can be used for glass manufacturing process. 

Making glass requires the correct recipe for a perfect result. It requires range of raw materials combined in a very specific ratio. Main materials included to make glass are sand, soda ash, limestone and other ingredients, such as iron and carbon which provide colour. 

BATCHING:- Raw materials are stored in large silos, measured and delivered to batch mixer to  furnaces meet our stringent quality standards. MELTING:- The batch is continuously fed into the furnace,approximately 1 500° C. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A furnace has a limited lifespan, lasting between 8 to 10 years, before requiring a rebuild. Takes around 24 hours for a batch of raw materials to be converted into molten glass.  Bottles are formed in two molding stages.



1. Asahi India Glass

Asahi India is a famous company in the Glass & Glass Products sector. Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) is India’s largest integrated glass solutions company. It commands a 77% share in the Indian car glass market and Established in 1984.  This is also one of the largest integrated glass company in India.

Their products are Automotive glass products(Laminated windshields, tempered back and door glass and value-added glass), Architectural glass products (Clear & tinted glass and a range of value added solar control & heat-reflective glass, mirrors, frosted & lacquered glass), Windshield Experts and Glasxperts. The company also have  India’s first and largest automotive repair & replacement network with 49 specialist centres located in 28 cities across the country.

La Opala RG

2. La Opala RG

La Opala RG is one of the Top Companies in India among glass business. Their vision is to be the chosen tableware of every home across the world. Main brands of La Opala RG are La Opala, Diva from La Opala and solitaire. The company offers beautiful handcrafted glasses and plates. 


3. Hindusthan National Glass and Industries

Mr. C K Somany founded the HNG in 1946 following the commissioning of India’s first fully automated glass manufacturing plant at Rishra (near Kolkata). They have plants in plants located at Rishra, Bahadurgarh, Rishikesh, Neemrana, Nashik and Puducherry. HNG has captured a large share of the Indian market and a client base in more than 23 countries.

The company is special in making of light-weight container glass bottles features benefits:-  Accelerated bottling process, Increased bottles per ton, Reduced price per bottle, Improved bottle quality, Enhanced availability, Reduced transportation cost, Enhanced bottle transparency and Increased strength following uniform and optimum wall thickness. 


4. Empire Industries

Empire Industries Limited is a 105 year Old Public Limited Company in India. This is also a well known multi-faceted conglomerate with interests in diverse businesses. Products of Empire Industries Limited is highly quality assured. The company associated with several international partners in each operating area. Vitrum Glass is an acknowledged and well respected leader under the Empire Industries Limited. Their fully automated plant produces one million glass containers daily.


5. Borosil Glass Works

Borosil Glass Works are the pioneers in different types of glass manufacturing. The Borosil brand embodies over 50 years of dependability and durability. They makes Scientific, Industrial & Laboratory Glassware, consumer ware, low solar glass (This used for multi and mono crystalline solar photovoltaic modules) and  lighting (antern chimneys for petromax lanterns, well glasses, safety lamp). 


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