Top 5 Most Insane Waterslides which are Banned from Riding Anymore


Top 5 Most Insane Waterslides which are Banned from Riding Anymore

  • The Sky Caliber- Action Water Park in Venon – NJ

  • Verruckt Waterslide – Schlitterbahn Water Park

  • Insano Water slide – Beach Park

  • Cannonball, Wahini and Jurahnimo Falls- Hurricane harbour water park

  • Wild Rapids Waterslide Park

In today’s world we can see so many water theme parks in our surroundings. All amusements parks has swimming pools, water slides, wave pools, fountains, or other attractions involving water. Water slides are a slide into a swimming pool which flowing with water and incorporating a number of twists and turns.

There are several types of water slide rides are offering many amusement parks in the world. Some are very dangerous to ride, even death may happened while experiencing such rides. So some water slides are banned, so the tourists can’t go there.


1. The Sky Caliber- Action Water Park in Venon – NJ

Sky Caliber is a brand new water slide in the America’s most notorious water park, Action Park in New Jersey. It featuring a 360-degree vertical loop. Action Park in Vernon, N.J. is the world’s longest water slide park in the world.

This world’s longest inflatable water slide was officially certified by Guinness World Records  in Vernon, New Jersey. The length of the ride was 1,975 feet. This extreme water park ride was brought over from New Zealand and reassembled on Mountain Creek’s ski slopes in Vernon, New Jersey.

There is no weight restrictions on the ride. Now the ride is not open to the public, because of some approval problems from the state Department of Community Affairs. But for adventure seekers, Action Park does have more than 30 park attractions including rides including the Cliff Jumps, Tarzan Swings and Colorado Rapids River Ride.

2. Verruckt Waterslide – Schlitterbahn Water Park

The Verrückt water slide is the World’s tallest water slide which is located in the Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City , USA. This ride consist of 168-foot slide. Schlitterbahn’s tallest water slide is guided by energy, acceleration and the laws of physics.

A 10-year-old Caleb Schwab was decapitated after riding it. So after the boy’s brutal death last year was expected to shut it down. The slide will remain closed and fenced off from patrons, even as it still towers over the park.

3. Insano Water slide – Beach Park

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially listed Insano,a high water slide in the Beach Park in Brazil as the world’s tallest of its kind. The length of the water slide is 41 meters which  is the equivalent of a 14-storey building. Insano slide located in Beach Park at Fortaleza, Brazil. The brave riders drop down the slide at a high speed. This slide is so steep and dangerous.

Insano ride plunges swimmers from sky to pool in just four or five seconds travelling at speeds of around 65 miles an hour. The water slide towers above the landscape, offering incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean. The thrill ride attracts brave riders those who like adventure from all over the world.

4.  Cannonball, Wahini and Jurahnimo Falls- Hurricane harbour water park

Cannonball, Wahini and Jurahnimo Falls water slides are located in Hurricane harbour water park. Hurricane Harbor a chain of water parks that are part of the Six Flags theme park chain. These park is now closed.

Cannonball Falls is highest, fastest thrill slide you can find.  It is in the form of a super slick enclosed slide. The height of this water ride is 357 feet.  one of the twin fully-enclosed blue tubes. They snake around in gloriously long coils .  Their body dropping 65 feet through a dark watery tunnel at 40 miles per hour.

There is full of darkness in the  Wahini Falls. The height of this water fall ride is394 feet. This slide is also fully enclosed. Your body bank high on the curving walls as you twist your way down at top speed.

Jurahnimo water slide is located in the center of Wahini Falls and Cannonball Falls. It is a  green, blue, and red striped monster. The height of this ride is 76-foot drop nearly down. Its mind blowing steepness gives a rocket like a missile to the bottom.

5. Wild Rapids Waterslide Park

Wild Rapids Waterslide Park is located in Sylvan Lake Alberta, Canada. It was Alberta’s second-largest water park after the World Waterpark in Edmonton. It welcomed its first sliders in 1982. The slides at Wild Rapids Water Park will be demolished when the park closes.

It was the first waterslide anywhere to install the now-common Sidewinder zero-gravity plunge. The Sidewinder, basically a half pipe, added several years after park was built. It was the first slide of its kind in the world. Flash Flood allows water to build up and be released all at once, taking the rider down the slide. It is one of the most desired destinations for tourists and also developers and homeowners.

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