Top Five Best Rice Brands in Kerala

Top Five Best Rice Brands in Kerala

Here is the list of Top Five Best Rice Brands in Kerala. Rice is a popular food item in Kerala and cooked rice is used as main lunch and dinner item. Among various rice varieties Matta rice (also known as Rosematta rice, Palakkadan Matta rice, Kerala Red rice, or Red parboiled rice) is a great type of rice which is grown in Palakkad district of Kerala. This is also popular in coastal Karnataka in India and Sri Lanka where. Rice is highly nutriius and used for making idlies, appams, puttu etc. The plain rice is robust and features earthy flavour best with lamb, beef or game meats dishes. 

Top Five Best Rice Brands in Kerala are as follows:-

  1. Periyar
  2. Pavizham
  3. Nirapara
  4. Double Horse
  5. Nilavilakku

Pavizham Rice

1. Periyar Rice

Periyar Rice is a well known rice brand from Kerala. Chirackal family first entered the field as a small scale unit, three decades ago. Now this is one of the leading rice manufactures in Kerala. Periyar Rice founded by Late.Sh. K.P. Devassy Kutty(1926-1999). They are the first one to introduced in Kerala, the idea of packed rice. This is one of the best in India and many Middle East countries.

Periyar Rice Company Products

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2. Pavizham Rice

Pavizham Rice and rice products are well known and they are produced in 14 different industries at Aimury in Koovapady Village. Beside rice, they offer superior quality Tamarind, Salt, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil etc. The company now leading by Patriarch of the Nambiattukudy Family Mr. N P George, the Chairman and Mr. P Antony, the Managing Director. Pavizham Rice made with the use of state-of-art machinery imported from China, co-gen power plant, and waste water treatment plant based on CSIR technology.

Pavizham Rice Company Products


3. Nirapara Rice

Nirapara Rice company is one of the best in kerala and they simply started out with traditional methods of boiling, sun drying and milling. Now the company own one of the most modern rice processing houses in India. Their rice products meet most stringent quality and hygiene standards. Nirapara Rice company located Okkal Township, near Kochi in Kerala. 

Nirapara Rice Company Products

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4. Double Horse

Double Horse is a well known rice company under manjilas group. Late M. O. John founded this company. Manjilas said to be the mother brand of Double Horse and founded in the year 1959. This is now one of the best rice milling company in Kerala selling high-quality rice grains. This is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified Rice Mill in the state which introduced sortex rice, stoneless rice and colour grading. They offer rice powders- breakfast mixes to instant mixes, wheat products, curry powders and condiments. 

Double Horse Rice Company Products


  • Rose Matta (Par Boiled & Double Boiled Red Round Rice )
  • Cherumani (Par Boiled & Double Boiled White Round Rice )
  • Jyothi Matta (Par Boiled & Double Boiled Long & Bold Red Rice)
  • Red Raw Rice (For Making Payasam)
  • Matta Broken (Single Boiled Evenly Broken Rice for Making Rice Gruel)
  • Ponni Rice (Single Boiled White Rice for meals)
  • Single Matta (Single Boiled Red Round Rice)
  • Jaya Rice (Par Boiled / Double Boiled Long & Bold White Rice )
  • Idli Rice (Single Boiled Round White Rice)
  • Raw Rice Meals (White Raw Rice for Meals )
  • Ghee Rice (White Small Rice suitable for making Fried Rice)
  • B.T.Meal (White Raw Rice For Making Fried Rice)
  • Jeerakasala Rice

Rice Products

  • Easy Palappam Mix
  • Appam Idiyappam Pathiri Rice Flour
  • Aval Thick
  • Dosa Mix
  • White Rice Flour
  • Idly Mix
  • Roasted Pathiri Flour
  • Palappam Mix
  • Vattayappam Mix
  • Red Aval
  • White Aval
  • Thick Aval


  • White Puttu Podi
  • Samba Wheat Puttu Podi
  • Chemba Puttu Podi
  • Ragi Puttu Podi
  • Corn Puttu Podi


5. Nilavilakku Rice

Nilavilakku is quality assured branded product of LAKSHMI AGRO MILLS. Nilavilakku Rice is another well known rice brand in Kerala offer high quality rice and rice products. This brand is from AKSHMI AGRO MILLS which is located at Kalady; near the banks of Periyar. They are using modern technology and offer  superior quality and affordable price.

Nilavilakku Rice Company Products

  • Nilavilakku Rice
  • Dosa podi
  • Puttu podi
  • Idili Podichak

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