Top Leading Best Samsung Washing Machine Models


Top Leading Best Samsung Washing Machine Models

Top Leading Best Samsung Washing Machine Models list is here. For the last 70 years Samsung Company has been dedicated in their home appliances production like washing machine. They are mainly producing three types of washing machines, front loading, top loading, and semi automatic. Among these three varieties they are offering you hundreds of different models. You can choose the perfect one for your family without confusion if you are looking for a Samsung washing machine. We will help you, go through and find out your best washing machine.

1. Front Loading Type Washing Machine



No doubt, Front loading washing machines are launching with amazing features that you never saw before in any other type. Many of them have the best washing capacity in between 6 to kg. Most of us fear to use washing machine frequently because of the huge power consumption

But it is very happy to say that front loading new models are highly power saving than you imagine. Not only electricity but you can also save water with these kinds of new brands. Keep your fabrics clean and shining every day as new with its faster spin speed.

Wide LED display screen allows you to set your options fast. Most of them offer you different technologies like diamond drum, Eco wash, bubble wash, fuzzy logic control etc.

Best Leading Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine Models

Best leading Samsung washing machines are given bellow with its specifications. Each one is different with variety of special features of their own. They have made specially to keep your fabrics brighter always.

1. Samsung WF706U2SAWQ

2. Samsung WF700B0BKWQ

3. Samsung WD0654REC

4. Samsung WD8804RJN

5. Samsung WF2652WQS


Specifications of model  WF706U2SAWQ WF700B0BKWQ WD0654REC WD8804RJN WF2652WQS
Washing capacity 7kg 7Kg 6.5Kg 8.0Kg 6.5Kg
Annual energy consumption 140KWh 175kWh 119kWh 119 kWh
Annual water consumption 9,400L 9,400L
Standard cycle time 123 minutes 133minutes 127 minutes 120 minutes 130 min. (Bubble)
Maximum Spin speed 1,200rpm 1,000rpm 1,400 1,400 1,200RPM
display Small G.LED Small G.LED LED Wide Graphic LED + Centre Time Display LED
Special features Eco bubble technology, digital inverter motor, fuzzy logic control Diamond Drum ,Over Volt Control, digital inverter motor, fuzzy logic control Ceramic heater and volt control Silver wash,Ceramic heater and volt control Eco bubble wash, ceramic heater
Net Dimension 600 x 550 x 850mm 600 x 550 x 850mm 600x850x550 600x850x600mm 600 x 850 x 550mm
Net weight 59Kg 61Kg 61Kg 72Kg 60Kg

Other Leading Front Loading Washing Machine Models

1. WF8558NMW8

2. WF2652WQS

3. WF550B0BKWQ

2. Top Loading Type Washing Machine



Top loading type washing machines also plays an important role in the washing machine industry. Most of them offer you washing capacity of to 6.5 kg. New ones are capable of soaking, pre-wash and small load. Some models not supporting these features.

You have 8 to 11 wash programs in these types. Sari course feature is a new offer from its new generation brands. They also have special features like diamond drum, magic filter, aqua filter etc.

Best Leading Samsung Top Loading Washing Machine Models

List of the top leading models of top loading washing machines are given bellow .based own your need and budget you can select your one.

1. WA82B4TEC


3. WA80E5LEC



Specifications of model WA82B4TEC WA85BSOEH WA80E5LEC WA82BSLEC WA82BWKEC
Washing capacity 6.2Kg 6.5Kg 6.0Kg 6.2Kg 6.2Kg
Last setting function Yes Yes Yes Yes
soak Yes yes Yes Yes
Number of wash cycle 5 9 5 5
Pre wash No No Yes Yes
Wash programes 8 8 9 11
Fuzzy logic control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Small load No No No Yes
Sari course Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special features Magic filter, aqua preserve, air turbo dry Diamond drum Diamond drum, air turbo dry, magic filter Aqua preserve, eco storm pulsator Magic filter, aqua preserve, air turbo dry
Dimension 540 x 560 x 940 540 x 560 x 940 540 x 560 x 940 540 x 560 x 940 540 x 940 x 560

Other Leading Top Loading Washing Machine Models

1. WA82A4REC


3. Semi Automatic Type Washing Machine



Semi automatic type washing machines are specially made for the Indian scenario. It removes dirt and dust deeply as you wash with your hands. Washing capacity ranging between 6 to8kg. Double storm pulsator technology makes your works easier and faster.

Most of them offer a rust proof body so u can keep it where ever you want. Work capacity differs and save your time and energy based on your choice of the machinery.

Best Leading Samsung  Semi Automatic Washing Machine Models

These are the best leading models of semi automatic type washing machines offered by the Samsung Company. Each ones may differ little as there is new introduction of technologies to ease your work.

1. WT9505EG

2. WT1007AG


4. WT8501EG

Specifications of model WT9505EG WT1007AG WT727QPNDMW WT8501EG
Washing capacity 7.5Kg 8.0Kg 7.2Kg 6.5Kg
Super dry Yes Yes No
soak Yes Yes No
pulsator Double Storm Double Storm Double Storm Double Storm
Air turbo Yes Yes Yes
buzzer Yes Yes Yes
caster Yes Yes Yes
Spin window Transparent Transparent Transparent
Dimension 820 x 504 x 1,020 820 x 504 x 1,020 800 x 935 x 502mm 799 x 789 x 965mm
features Rust proof body Rust proof body Rust proof body









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