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Use of Sweetgrass as Bug Repellent in Native America Confirmed by Research


Have you heard about the Sweetgrass which is also called holy grass or vanilla grass. Sweetgrass is traditionally used as a Bug Repellent in Native America. Now this is scientifically Confirmed by Research. Sweetgrass, which is scientifically called anthoxanthum nitens. This is an aromatic herb native to northern Eurasia and North America. 

This is highly  used in herbal medicine and in the production of distilled beverages. As the name suggests, the plant produces a distinctive sweet scent with the presence of coumarin. This only grow to about 20 cm (7.9 in) in height. 

Sweetgrass (3)

Various research studies proved presence of two chemicals found in sweet grass named as phytol and coumarin best to repel mosquitoes. This is also  used in France to flavor candy, tobacco, soft drinks, and perfumes. This is also used to flavor tea and in flavored vodka. 

Earlier, this is used as an incense to “keep the bugs away” by Flathead. People use sweet grass in basketry (including mats) and crafts. Those fragrant leaves used as stuffing for pillows and mattresses.

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Researchers identified some compound in the aromatic herb that can keep mosquitoes at bay. According to American Chemical Society, chemicals in sweetgrass oil match the repelling effectiveness of the common ingredient in insect sprays. 

Studies of traditional therapies in Native American tribes proved this. This is considered as one of the sacred plants used traditionally in  Native American culture. This is also widely  used as incense in ritual purification. Its fragrance kept biting bugs away.

Sweetgrass basket

This plant have 2 compounds named phytol and coumarin . Both of these compounds are already known to have these effects. These 2 chemicals in sweet grass repel insects, mosquitoes and other bugs. 


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