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What is POS (Point-Of-Sale) Systems?


What is POS (Point-Of-Sale) Systems?

Point of sale (POS) system is a Glorified Cash Register. The basic POS system comprises of a computer, a cash drawer,receipt printer, a monitor, and an input device like a keyboard or scanner. This machine can boost your retail business and also help you to improve your Business. The Point of sale (POS) system capable of tracking inventory, creates accurate pricing, and generates reports in seconds. 

Advantages of POS?

POS offers new level of control over your operations. This can increase efficiency, boosting profits, and helping you fine-tune your business model and growth. A POS system help you to run your business, save time and boost sales. The Best POS system should be affordable, easy to use and also do more than just accept payments and process sales. This can also saves money, provide productivity gains, increases efficiency and accuracy in database. 


How to Choose the Best POS?

While choosing a POS, go for one with additional time-saving features such as inventory management, staff management, marketing tools, customer data gathering, task automation etc. Bindo is a well known and cloud-based POS system that’s built especially for the iPad. TouchBistro is another best POS system made for restaurants. If you are looking for a POS with Retail options then go for ShopKeep.

The top picks for POS systems for small businesses includes Vend, Bindo, TouchBistro, ShopKeep etc. The list also includes Shopify, NCR Silver, LivePOS, GotMerchant, Lavu, Revel, POSGuys, Harbortouch, Breadcrumb, PayPal Here, iConnect, Square Register and TouchSuite. While choosing a POS system you have to consider certain things. These includes Cost, such as monthly fees and swipe rates, Ease of setup and use, Hardware, such as touch screen, desktop, iPad/tablet and smartphone.

Also look for Backend features, such as inventory management., Built-in solutions, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software. and Industry specific tools, such as online ordering for restaurants. Other factors must consider includes E-commerce integration, Contracts and service terms, Merchant services, Customization options, Third-party integrations, Reporting and analytics, Service limitations and Customer service.

Types of POS Systems


  • Retail

Retail POS offers simpler user interfaces and real-time data. This is a comprehensive tool for any business. This helps streamline your transaction and accounting processes. With this Employees can be monitored, theft is reduced, and customers are able to move quickly. 


  • Restaurant

Restaurant POS PC and Restaurant POS Software allow you to take customer orders, track inventory, and manage labor, implement customer loyalty programs etc. It is fast in implementation and very easy to learn and also smooth in operation. The software is specially designed for full service table , quick service & fast food, pizza & delivery.


  • Scales

This is an economical and compact all-in-one scale features built in ECR and printer functions. It helps you to improve your food business management. It supports Receipt and label printing, networking, multiple interfaces etc. 


  • Hand Held (mobile)

This is a simple Handheld Computer. It consists of 30 key keypad, Graphic LCD, In-built dot matrix printer, higher end 32 bit Micro controller, USB interface. The device runs on Rechargeable Battery.


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