What Should Do, if the Ration Card is Lost in Kerala?

What Should Do, if the Ration Card is Lost in Kerala?

Here we are introducing you an article. The subject of this article is “What Should Do, if the Ration Card is Lost in Kerala?” We hope that our article will help you to get rid of your doubts about this subject. Ration card is the only proof to prove whether you are a priority or non- priority. On the basis of this proof, we get wheat, rice and kerosene from ration shop. In 2016, the Government of India takes strict rules to prevent corruption among the consumers. The best solution is given below to get a new ration card.

How to Apply for Duplicate Ration Card in Kerala?

First, you need to apply for a duplicate ration card if you lost the original. The process for applying the same as in 2016. Then, download the application form. Next, fill your personal information in the application form without any mistake and submit it in your nearest ration card fair shop. You have to write permission letter for the duplicate ration card by stating that you had lost the original one (not mandatory, it depends). After all, you want a signature of a Gazetted officer on that permission letter.

If your ration card is available online, you have to take its photocopy. Next, visit your ration shop and reveal to the food supplier that you had lost the ration card and then show him the permission letter, signed by Gazetted officer. It is done for the verification. Go to police station In order to complaint for FIR form (If necessary). Then, you can fill the duplicate ration card application form. Don’t make any mistake in that form. 

When you do not have ration card number, you need to ask the fair shop person. After getting your ration card number, you should add that serial number in the duplicate application form.  You need to check all these numbers in that duplicate form. The following documents are required for submitting the application form.

1. The photocopy of an old ration (if available)

2. Identification Card ( Voter ID, PAN card, aadhar card )

3. Proof of address ( water bill, electricity bill, gas connection bill )

After submitting this, you should block your old ration card to prevent corruption ( misuse ). Then, you will receive a receipt to get new ration card. To track the ration card status, you should take that acknowledgement number. Ask to the food supplier that, on which date you will get the new ration card. That’s all.

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  1. I lost my ration card and even not have photo copy. how can i get its photo copy through online?

    I need it urgent for income certificate?

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