Wood Furniture Care Tips For Long Lasting Furniture


How to Keep Your Wood Furniture Long Lasting



The theme of your home may be ethnic or contemporary, but we have a special interest toward the wooden furniture. The wooden furniture is part our valuable tradition and it is the best suited with any type of home style. You will get modern wooden furniture in combination with tradition to match well with your indoors. These furniture give you the right value for your money. But if you attend these without care it will get damaged easily. Here  we are offering some expert tips for you to keep your wood furniture long lasting and beautiful all the time.

Wooden Furniture And changing  season



During changing season mainly two problems are affecting the wooden furniture commonly. These are the problem with excessive moisture and another one is the lack of moisture. If your wood furniture getting affected with fungus the reason is with excessive moisture and humidity content during the high rainy season.  While in summer you may see cracks and brake sin the wooden furniture in between it is due to the lack of moisture in hot summer months.

How to Avoid Problems From Changing season


If the furniture made from a well seasoned wood by adjusted moisture during it’s process, these change in climate will not affect your wood. If the polishing of your wood furniture is not perfect it may be another problem to get fungus. In order to prevent all these problem buy furniture made from well seasoned wood, which is capable to adjust with the environmental moisture differences.

Select Branded Wood Furniture



If you want to get seasoned wood made furniture then go for branded furniture options. It may be little costly than other but you will get furniture without risk other problems. Most commonly branded furniture manufactures will use woods like teak, mahogany, Rose wood(Eetty) etc. These are quality assured and well good woods available for furniture manufacturing.

Practice These do’s and Dont’s For long Lasting Wood Furniture


  • Never buy a light weight wood furniture, it may get for less price but the thickness change may cause easy disruption of the wood in rainy or summer season by cracks and brakes
  • Don’t spread wet clothes or other items over the wood furniture, the bad result will occur during the rainy season as the fungus
  • Don’t clean the wood furniture by wiping it with the moistened cloth or cotton dipped in water
  • Avoid using nail polish, alcohol, remover, perfumes. chemicals from the wood furniture it will damage the polished structure and cause problems



  • Care about children causing scratch and marks in furniture with combs and another sharp objects
  • During rainy season keep your wood furniture in distance from thew wall
  • The clothes kept in the wood wardrobe should take out and clean inside during rainy season, Keeping the door open in between for some time will prevent the fungus
  • Those windows made from wood should be covered well with cotton other materials curtains during rainy seasons
  • If the wood furniture is wet by any means don’t expose it to sunlight o get dry, just wipe it with a dry cotton
  • While cleaning your wood furniture it is always do the removal of dust first and then wipe with the dry cotton or use vaccum cleaner

Try These for your old wood furniture to get refreshed look



  • Irrespective of the number off years passed, if you try you can make your wood furniture as new through simple polishing and servicing
  • If the furniture is branded one you just need to polish only
  • if the furniture id not a branded one you have ti go for polishing and servicing in servicing

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