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Woxi launched Android Smartpod for TV


Woxi launched Android Smartpod for TV

Woxi Media an India based company released new device which can convert a television into an Android smart TV known as SmartPod. It is a specific ‘Multi-user login’ supporting eight unique users with an idea of getting altered Android Smart TV.

User can log internet service like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc on TV using SmartPod. SmartPod’s home-screen provides Android games and apps in TV. It also applicates movies, music, internet radio and videos, social networking, education etc.

Smartpod subvert the people using internet and people who enjoy games on TV. Smartpod allows the consumers to have exciting experience on TV. SmartPod features AppCasts which helps in providing user a varied internet experience without hunting, downloading and maintaining 100s of apps.

Woxi android Smartpod

AppCasts is cloud Woxi application which provides hundreds of applications through an Android app. These are made by streaming Woxi Cloud servers  to end device. SmartPod  arrives with Magic Motion Gaming RF remote control with gyros and sensors for motion gaming. Besides  pre-installed games, users can download more from the Android Google Play store.

Android Smartpod

Magic Motion remote  features a full function Qwerty keyboard for easy web browsing, searches, Twitter and Facebook usage. SmartPod is a dual core with 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor and 400 MHz  Mali 3D graphics processor. It consists of Internal flash storage, up to 32 GB of storage and can be used via a plug-in SD card, or 1 TB or more can be used through an external USB hard disk drive.

The device is also supported with WiFi or Ethernet and also acts as a WiFi router. It also has 1080p HD video playback capability, HDMI 1.3 interface, composite video interface for standard definition TV’s, a built -in media player with 3D graphics capability and 2 USB 2.0 ports. Smartpod costs about Rs 9,499 with Magic Motion RF Qwerty remote. Price is high  but it  worths beneficial.


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