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Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Scooter (self balancing) Announced


Xiaomi has just announced a  self balancing scooter called Ninebot Mini Scooter. Xiaomi launched this devices in collaboration with Ninebot and Segwe company. This is a useful battery powered scooter which is portable too.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Scooter can easily travel at speeds up to 16km/h. This is also capable of  climbing at 15 degree inclines easily.  On a single charge the vehicle is said to travel up to 22km. Ninebot mini scooter can be controlled via Bluetooth of your smartphone. This weighs only 12.8kg. 

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Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Scooter is very flexible and easy to use due to the high end sensors fixed on this. This is capable of continuously captures small movements of your body. In order to maintain balance the scooter offers 200 times per second speed dynamic vehicle attitude adjustment.

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Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Scooter can perfectly analyze the leg movements to control the direction. You can use this device for travelling inside home or office. Special options available in this scooter makes traveling easier and stable. There is  automatic running lights and LED taillights. 

In case of obstacles, motor will temporarily increase power and enhance vehicle stability for a smooth ride. There are  shock-absorbing pads to  reduce vibration jolt. The  9cm high chassis can perfectly balance the Ninebot mini in an ultra-high standards. 

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Scooter Price: RMB 1,999 (Rs 20359 Approx) 

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